Create. Upload. Earn.

See your artwork enjoyed by people around the world by having it printed on premium products and shipped worldwide. All you have to do is upload your artwork and we handle everything else while you make money. GoCustomized started in 2013 as a company that helps people create their own custom gadget cases. We have expanded our selection, significantly grew our customer base and now offer our large audience products customized with artist designs. We have a large selection of products that can be personalized & advanced printers in our on-site production facility in Amsterdam. For example, you can print your design on phone cases, on tablet cases, on T-shirts, notebooks or even Bluetooth speakers.
What we offer
  • 1
    A large audience for your art

    Our existing & loyal customer base can’t wait to see and own stunning designs.

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    Zero fees & we handle everything

    You just upload your art and we take care of printing, shipping and payments.

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  • 3
    A high commission

    Higher than the industry’s average. We want to make sales and your happiness is key to that.

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    Monthly payments

    We make payments monthly so if any of your designs has been delivered that month, you get a payment.

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    A convenient designer platform

    As a registered GoCustomized designer, you will use our simple and intuitive platform.

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    Early bird bonus!

    Be one of our first showcased designers and receive your special bonus!

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  • Share your art with over 365.000 visitors/month

    Your artwork can be seen and bought on premium items by over 365.000 visitors from all over the world. We ship to the US, to all of Europe and a number of other countries, so your designs can be enjoyed on a T-shirt or a phone case by people on the opposite side of the Globe from you.

  • Zero fees, zero fuss

    We need no monetary investment whatsoever from you as we don’t stock items printed with your artwork, we print on demand. You don’t have to worry about the rest of the process as we also print, ship and handle transactions so you only have to decide what great artwork to sell next!

    • NO STOCK

      We don’t print and stock, we print on demand when there’s an order placed and ship immediately. We take no risks and you don’t either.

    • WE PRINT

      We’re printing experts first and foremost and handle all the printing in our on-site production facility.


      We’re printing experts first and foremost and handle all the printing in our on-site production facility.


      Payment processing is made on our website by trustworthy payment processors, 100% safe and secure.

    • WE PAY YOU

      Payments will take place at the end of each month and you receive your commission for every successful order delivered that month.

  • High commissions

    We print in our own production facility and only stock blank items to print on, so we need no investment from you and our risk is small - for these reasons we can pay more in commissions than our competitors. Check out detailed commissions on our website.



    for each T-shirt with your design that has been purchased.


    €3.80 to €4.10

    for each silicone tablet case with your design that has been purchased.


    €3.60 to €4.00

    for each phone case with your design that has been purchased.

  • Monthly payments

    At the end of each month we make a payment to you that consists of your commission for every successful order delivered to clients that month. No arbitrary sums that you need to reach in a month, no 3-months of waiting - just successful completed transactions that you can track in your designer dashboard.

    1 -Select Items
    2 -Upload Artwork
    3 -Receive commission!
  • Easy to use platform

    Our platform is user friendly, simple to use with clearly defined steps and instructions. No headaches, just a simple dashboard that allows you to easily upload designs and make them available for selling on our website.

  • Early bird bonus!

    We’re currently building our designer collection and we are looking for talented designers to be the first ones showcased in our collection! Since you’d be one of our first designers, we have a special bonus plan:


Contact Us

We’d love to have you on our designer platform and show your artwork to the world! Simply register as a designer: